The Doors of Perception (Engl.)

THE DOORS OF PERCEPTION from Berlin are Europe’s preeminent tribute band to THE DOORS with more than 300 concerts to their name.

The band – made up of four highly experienced live and studio musicians – performs regularly in Germany’s most renowned clubs and has even opened for Classic-Rock-luminaries such as BARCLAY JAMES HARVEST, WISHBONE ASH, SLADE, TEN YEARS AFTER and CANNED HEAT.

The band’s success can be attributed to their high musical standards and highly charismatic lead vocalist Marko Scholz. In fact, Marko’s voice resembles Jim Morrison’s down to the smallest details.

After many years of delving into both the musical and poetic aspects of the music, the group has mastered the artistic details required to bring the unique acid rock of THE DOORS back to life.

“The Doors might be untouchable – but these guys from Berlin are damn close to the original!”
(TIP Magazin, Berlin)